You can make a difference. 

There are many ways to support the Scarlet Rope Project and the women in our program. Take a look at our list below for ideas of how to help make a change! And check out our events page to learn more about fundraiser opportunities.



Your donation allows us to give the women in our program all the resources they need to embrace healthy living both physically and mentally as they pursue emotional healing. Monetary donations are used for daily supplies, monthly bills for the house, counseling services and supplying other vital services for the participants in our program. We also appreciate practical donations such as cleaning and art supplies


Pray for the women daily. They have begun a journey of forgiveness and healing. As they do this, they are facing an emotional roller coaster as they continue to work on themselves. Pray that God would guide our leaders with wisdom and compassion. Also, pray that the Lord would provide all the resources needed to minister fully and effectively. 


Click the link below to fill out our volunteer form. To submit, print the completed form and mail to the address on the form or send it to Let us know ways that you enjoy serving. We may be in need of your unique gifts and talents as we strive to provide for the women in our program!

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Attend our Fundraising Events!

Help us get the word out and be part of our community outreach! We are always in need of participants to come enjoy our fundraising events and even volunteer to make the fun happen! Check out our events page for more detailed information about the fundraisers that we have coming up!

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Personal ministry is not about always knowing what to say. It is not about fixing everything in sight that is broken. Personal ministry is about connecting people with Christ so that they are able to to think as He would have them think, desire what He says is best, and do what He calls them to do even it their circumstances never get “fixed.” It involves exposing hurt, lost, and confused people to God’s glory, so that they give up their pursuit of their own glory and live for His.
— Paul David Tripp